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本文摘要:Visage美容保健品公司Visage Beauty Saurabh Suryan 制造商:Led Linear, Aqua Float, Asian Paints, Mistral, Trimix – Dewatered concrete flooring, jaquar sanitary主建立筑师:Amit Aurora设计团队:Maitri ,Shivani, Ashu , Vinod , Sandeep客户:Visage Beauty Saurabh Suryan


Visage美容保健品公司Visage Beauty & Health Care Pvt Ltd / groupDCA由专筑网小R编译来自修建事务所的形貌:Visage美容保健品公司室内项目的目的是组成现代化办公场所,提升事情效率和互助精神。修建师希望内部空间越发动态化,优化事情情况,整个项目便围绕着内部焦点空间而组成。修建西南面和东南面的立面经由体量而经心设计,在白昼有充实的自然采光,立面上的翅片和开窗在夏天能够阻挡过热的阳光,而在冬天能够让阳光进入室内。

Text description provided by the architects. The corporate office project for Visage Beauty and health Care Products Pvt. Ltd. in Noida is designed to be a contemporary work-space that facilitates engagement, collaboration, and employee efficacy. Design intervention is enabled amidst the previously-flat floor plates to make the interiors more dynamic while optimizing workplace efficiency and well-being. The design revolves around transforming this space into a powerful and memorable insertion in the surroundings. The façade on the south-west and south east (that receives maximum sunlight during the day, hence the heat gain) is designed based on volumetric analysis – with carefully designed fins and fenestrations crafted to block the summer sun completely and allow penetration of sunlight during winters.立面上的翅片由Corten钢面板制作而成,能够遮阳,同时增加了空间的高度感与深度感。这些面板有些抽象,也具有现代化气息,优化了日间的光线的同时,也淘汰了部门热量。修建的现代化计谋较为柔和,组成水平向构图。就内部而言,修建的立面就像是叠加在混凝土体量上的面层,让修建越发轻盈。


外部的Corten钢面板自身就十分雅观,不仅能够展现修建的外部形态,同时其自身形态也具有动态性。The superposed second façade, i.e. the fins step-up as a solar protection, while giving the elevation increased depth, are built with Corten steel panels. These panels are geometrically abstract in their unmistakable contemporary intentions, like a sun shading den reducing heat gain and at the same time optimizing day light. The contemporary reference is softened by the way the building sets itself in the levels across and above. From inside, the façade is perceived as planes superposed on the concrete volume, increasing the impression of lightness. The rust Corten steel texture of the fins outside in the façade intends to make light its own and reflects the expressions of the building while the fins change in appearance throughout the day. 该项目中,使用者是设计的焦点,修建师十分注重用户的空间体验。全新的办公场所焦点是三层通高的空腔和圆形剧场,这个空间将修建从纵向上毗连在一起,楼层之间组成鲜明的水平与垂直构图,空间中人们的日常事情一览无余,组成精密的联系感。

门路型圆形剧场是人们讨论聚会的场所,有着深色的配景。Keeping the people at the core of the design, the building focuses on the typological aspects of offices and individual user experience, while people work or the time that the users spend here. The heart of this new workplace is the three-storied void or the amphitheater that connects the building vertically and visually. With striking horizontal and vertical views across and between floors, it presents a clear view of Visage’s everyday life at the office and enables a sense of connection. The stepped amphitheater allows for open discussions and presentations in a muted color palate with the striking black backdrop.开放与真实的空间位于各个楼层的空腔之中,它们相互联系,在这里事情区、集会室、互助区将人与客户毗连在一起。楼梯毗连了主要办公区域,再加上有趣的结构和照明设备,整体看起来就如同垂直的自然景观漂浮于地面层之上。



The open and authentic spaces are dispersed throughout and are adjacent to the void on all floors, where workstation, conference rooms, and collaboration zones become destinations that drive connections between people, clients and partners. The staircase that connects reception on stilt level with main office vertically is a playful structure with palatial lighting- floating like a vertical, natural vista between the ground and upper ground floors. The staircase connecting the first and second floor is like a bridge that links work zones via intermediary collaboration spaces reflecting on the engineering origins of the workplace. All furniture is custom-made and designed to resonate with the brand ethos.在楼层结构和家具系统中,团队的协作观点仍在继续。可调治高度的办公桌促进了康健和谐的个性化办公气势派头,定制的水平天花板增强了室内修建元素的动态感,这也是修建立面的内在体现。天花板隐藏了修建的管道设备,而且联合灯具而设计,同时还联合隔音板,让内部空间越发纯粹,这些面板的数量和位置都经由准确的盘算,从而组成越发舒适的空间感。The notion of teamwork and collaboration continues in the furniture systems and layout of each floor. Bespoke height-adjustable desks are laid out in clusters allowing for privacy, personalization, wellbeing and collaborative working. The customized ceiling in the form of horizontal fins is a design response of the façade in order to elevate the dynamics of the interior architectural elements. These fins in ceiling hide services and have efficiently designed down lights for tasks and up lights for general illumination. Furthermore, the fins are cladded with acoustic panels. The quantity and positioning of these panels has been done with carefully calculations in order to provide absolute auditory comfort.项目的生物友好设计谋略满足使用者的康健需求,垂直植物体系表达了自然的沉醉式体验,立面形态促进空间的自然采光与通风,这个办公项目有着精湛的技术追求和挑战的设计理念,修建师联合了设计与工程计谋,组成了办公场所,促进使用者之间的交流与协作。

The biophilic design strategy enables employee well-being and health. The immersive experience of the nature is reflected in the longitudinal system of planters which runs vertically through the interiors. The ingress of daylight and natural ventilation is maximized by the façade. A relentless pursuit of technical excellence, a commitment to pushing boundaries and consistently challenging norms have been driving forces in this office project for Visage. In a long-standing collaboration between design and engineering, the workplace has been created, where the exchange of skills knowledge and central tenets of work culture are not only facilitated- but lived by all. 修建设计:groupDCA所在:印度类型:办公修建/室内设计面积:20000.0平方英尺(约1858平方米)时间:2019年摄影:Lokesh Dang & Saurabh Suryan 制造商:Led Linear, Aqua Float, Asian Paints, Mistral, Trimix – Dewatered concrete flooring, jaquar sanitary主建立筑师:Amit Aurora设计团队:Maitri ,Shivani, Ashu , Vinod , Sandeep客户:Visage Beauty & Health Care Private Limited, Mr. Vineet Kapur结构照料:Builtech Services Incorporated机械照料:Mistral电力照料:HKE Electricals家具:DCA Architects灯光设计:DCA ArchitectsPmc: DCA Architects立面设计:DCA Architects结构承包商:Om Contractor机械承包商:Mistral电力承包商:HKE ELECTRIC CONTRACTS土木匠程承包商:DCAWPmc承包商:DCAW立面承包商:DCAW工程承包商:DCAWOFFICE BUILDINGS, OFFICES INTERIORSNOIDA, INDIAArchitects: groupDCAArea: 20000.0 ft2Year: 2019Photographs: Lokesh Dang & Saurabh Suryan Manufacturers: Led Linear, Aqua Float, Asian Paints, Mistral, Trimix – Dewatered concrete flooring, jaquar sanitaryArchitect In Charge: Amit AuroraDesign Team: Maitri ,Shivani, Ashu , Vinod , SandeepClient: Visage Beauty & Health Care Private Limited, Mr. Vineet KapurStructural Consultants: Builtech Services IncorporatedMechanical Consultants: MistralElectrical Consultants: HKE ElectricalsFurniture: DCA ArchitectsLighting Design: DCA ArchitectsPmc: DCA ArchitectsFacade Design: DCA ArchitectsStructural Contractor: Om ContractorMechanical Contractor: MistralElectrical Contractor: HKE ELECTRIC CONTRACTSCivil Contractor: DCAWPmc Contractor: DCAWFacade Contractor: DCAWEngineering Contractor: DCAW【专筑网版权与免责声明】:本网站注明“泉源:专筑网”的所有内容版权属专筑网所有,如需转载,请注明出处。



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